Pre - Submission Consultation


St Erme Parish Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan 2018 – 2030:

Pre-Submission Consultation

 Regulation 14 (of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012)


This is to inform you that for the past three years a Steering Group set up by the St Erme Parish Council has been preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the parish. This is in line with government policy under the Localism Act of 2012, which encourages the production of such plans to give localities a meaningful say in the planning rules of Cornwall County Local Plan.

Consultation with residents of the parish together with advice and guidance from the Neighbourhood Plan support team at Cornwall Council means we now have an advanced draft of our Neighbourhood Plan. We are ready to submit it for consultation to the relevant statutory bodies as required under current legislation.

The pre-submission consultation period will start on Monday 15th October 2018 and will last for six weeks, until Sunday 25th November 2018. During this period, you are invited to view the draft plan and submit comments to the steering group, which must be made in writing.

You can view the draft plan with supporting documents below.

Please send your comments by email to  or by post to 1 Forestry Houses, St Erme, Truro, TR4 9BW
by Sunday 25th November 2018.

Please use the comments form provided below to show, which page, paragraph or policy your comment refers to. 

They will be collated and reviewed by the steering group as soon as practicable and a final text of the plan produced for submission to Cornwall Council.

Pre - Submission Consultation Publicity