Street Cleansing

Since 2005 we have had an ‘Agency Partnership Agreement’ with Cornwall Council for Street Cleaning which included litter picking in the village and emptying the parishes litter bins. Unfortunately, due to changes in our contract we are unable to continue with this service at a Parish level.

From 1st April 2024 the street cleansing will be carried out by Biffa on behalf of Cornwall Council and will include the following:

Street and pavement cleansing and disposal of– by manual and mechanical sweeping for litter and detritus. 

  •       Litter picking
  •       Litter/dog bin emptying
  •       Wiping down of litter/dog bins. 
  •       Removal of leaves and blossom fall.
  •       Removal of human and dog fouling.
  •       Removal of mud – light accumulations 
  •       Fly-posting removal (if found to be illegal) 
  •       Emergency call out/clean-up of offensive deposits e.g. syringes, broken glass etc.

And will continue to provide the following services:

  •       Removal of a small and large dead animals.
  •       Provision of new or replacement litter/dog bins.
  •       Fly-tipping removal. 

To report any issues with the above please use the link below: 





road and some grass

Grass Maintenance

We work in partnership with Cornwall Council to carry out the grass maintenance of a small area within the village of Tripsen Hill and have chosen to maintain the grass verges along the full length of Trispen Hill at a higher level. This is carried out by a contractor on our behalf.

The areas at Eglos Road, Killigrew Gardens, Polglase Walk, Trevella Vean, Polisken Way, Tower Road and Chancery Close are maintained by Cornwall Council and Truthan View is managed by Blenheims Estate and Asset Management Company. 

Weed Removal

Cornwall Council does not have a statuatory duty to carry out weed removal and does not now do this. As a Parish Council we have chosen to carry out this service ourselves and treat all the areas within the 30mph speed limit. This is carried out by a contractor on our behalf twice a year. 

Church Green

The Church Green is owned and maintained by the Parish Council.  


public right of way sign

Public Rights of Way (PROWS)

St Erme Parish Council works in partnership with Cornwall Council to maintain the PROWS in the parish. Further details on the PROWS and its maintenance can be viewed on our Public Rights of Way page.

Play Equipment

St Erme Parish Council owns and is responsible for the play equipment at the school park and the outside gym and toddler equipment at the Trispen football field. For more information on the play equipment in the parish please see our play equipment page


yellow defibrilator box


There is a public defibrillator on the wall outside of Trispen Post Office and Stores. We own and oversee the maintenance of this. Please see more information about the defibrillator on our St Erme Emergency Plan Page.

Street Furniture

Parish Noticeboards

We have five parish noticeboards in the village which are located:


  • At the top of Eglos Road
  • At the bottom of Eglos Road by the bus stop
  • Trencreek Park
  • Tripsen Hill on the side of Tripsen Post Office and Stores
  • Trispen Hill down from the Public Phone Box. 


parish noticeboard

colourful flowers in a brown wooden tub

Planted Tubs

We own and are responsible for the two planted tubs by the noticeboard on Trispen Hill. 


St Erme Parish Council own and are responsible for the seat at the bottom of Eglos Road and Trispen Hill and the picnic bench in the school playing field.

Please report any issues on the services we provide by contacting the Clerk.